another chrome bug[??]


well, i don’t know whether this condition coudl be said with “bug” terminology or maybe it is just my computers..

see, at the process lists there are more than 1 chrome active at one time. in fact, i only run one google chrome at that moment. i don’t about this phenomenon… 


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3 thoughts on “another chrome bug[??]

  1. Untuk hal ini.. dijelaskan di comic google chrome kalau setiap tab adalah satu proses . Artinya.. makin banyak tab dibuka.. makin banyak proses kecipta..

    Gitu bu.. 😀

  2. no, it’s not. Chrome runs each of the tabs as separated process. simply said, it’s no longer about ‘multithreading’, but it’s ‘multiprocess’.

    well, that’s only a glimpse about what Chrome actually does though. see Google Chrome Comic for details. technical issues on comic style. 😉

  3. viku41

    but, if i calculate the total memory usage, it will be the same if i use firefox…

    so, still, each browser has its own weaknesses and strengths…

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