Indonesia is part of Bali


salah 1 poling di People Magazine

POLL: Which Movie-To-Be Tops Your Summer Reading List?

By Janet Mock

Monday June 07, 2010 08:50 AM EDT

Summer is a time for beaches, blockbusters and books – and this season is packed with three much buzzed-about film adaptations: Eat, Pray, LoveThe Killer Inside Me and Twelve. wants to know: Before buying your movie ticket, which source material will you be adding to your summer must-read list?

• Eat, Pray, Love, out August 13
In this big-screen adaptation based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s 2006 bestseller – a globetrotting memoir following a divorcée traveling to Italy, India and Bali in search of fulfillment – Julia Roberts divorces Billy Crudup, rebounds withJames Franco and ultimately romances Javier Bardem.

• The Killer Inside Me, out June 18
Adapted from pulp author Jim Thomson’s novel, The Killer Inside Me stars Casey Affleck as a small-town deputy sheriff engaged to Kate Hudson but pulled into a murderous rage when he falls for a local prostitute played byJessica Alba.

• Twelve, out July 12
Ditching his squeaky-clean ways, Gossip Girl‘s resident hottie Chace Crawford tackles the Upper East Side drug trade in this Joel Schumacher-directed drama, based on Nick McDonell’s debut novel. The gritty flick also stars Emma Roberts, 50 Cent and Zoe Kravitz.

  1. Which book is on your summer reading list?

errr…..why didn’t they mention Indonesia instead of Bali??he..he..he… 🙂

yang terkenal di Indonesia : peterporn…sampe porn star dari sana aja pengen ‘ketemu


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One thought on “Indonesia is part of Bali

  1. Ariel emang tambah Ngetop, seperti Bali yang bertambah ngetop juga ^_^

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